Overview: IONM - Learningprogram

  • Your way with THE IONM ACADEMY 
  • Learning methods especially for adults
  • Maximal personal degrees of freedom times 3
  • Contributions for a positive, ecological foot-print
  • Medical Teaching Centre and management
  • Exam-modalities
  • On your way to immortality thanks to the jouney along THE IONM ACADEMY  Universe
  • Academic high-level methods applied to increase your learning-efficiency
  • Learning-brix of THE IONM ACADEMY :
    • Your on-line IONM - Learningmodule I, Basics and Faculty Members
    • Your IONM Consulting
    • Your IONM Coaching
    • Your on-line IONM - Learningmodule II, Advanced
    • Your on-line IONM - Learningmodule III, Expert
    • You as IONM - Clinical-Pearl - be part of our Faculty!



Competence for Safety Safety for Excellence

Your way with THE IONM ACADEMY


Excited Human from Head to Toe on-line  

THE IONM ACADEMY the fist international 


In 3 steps to more competence, safety and excellence!You find here a mix of 3 on-line learningmodules and presence-learning-brix, which support you in 3 steps time-efficiently

  • to acquire relevant, useful, interesting background-knowledge in on-line-learningmodules I and II
  • with knowledge about surgical regions from head to toe which are part of our expert-module III - here each and every surgical discipline and surgeon may choose from 5 sub-modules to deepen and enlarge his/ her knowledge
  • gaining significant certificates thanks demanding Multiple/ Single Choice Question-Tests 
  • getting familiar with the technique of neuromonitoring, neurostimulation and neuromapping
  • gaining security of application, building your experience and enlargeing your expertise 
  • benefiting from feedback of IONM - Coaching and IONM - Consulting, in order to ensure safety for you and your patients intraoperatively
  • becoming part of an international, multiprofessional and multidisciplinary network on all continents 
  • benefiting from the vivid exchange for solving your challenges

We offer an internationally unique holistic collection and aggregation of know-how relevant, usefull and interesting for surgical regions from head to toe!




Competence for Safety Safety for Excellence

Learning methods especially for adults!

Adults learn best by connecting columns of knowledge they already built and by applying and having the option to discuss and receive feedback.

THE IONM ACADEMY  adds all kinds of degrees of personal freedom of on-line learningmodules to precence-learning-units.
In order to provide a time-efficient and joyful learning-experience we apply the medical-didactic expertise (gained since 1997 in demanding medical university-teaching-settings) of 2 innovators in Austrian medical teaching settings: our medical director and the head of the Medical Teaching Centre.

We offer all possibilities to acquire knowledge efficiently - all kinds of degrees of deepening knowledge:

  • Watching the lecturers, ppt-presentation with pictures and text - THE IONM ACADEMY on-line Learningmodule I - III 
  • Hearing the lecturers' presentation - THE IONM ACADEMY on-line Lernmodule I - III 
  • Applying the knowledge gained -  THE IONM ACADEMY Coaching
  • Discussing and reflecting the experiences made and steps made - THE IONM ACADEMY Coaching 

Joyful learning-experience times 3

maximal personal degrees of freedom!


 1) Maximize your self-determination! Design the aspects of your individual learning-experience!

Define your pace of learning! Decide when you learn, for how long your learn and at which place you learn! Choose your optimal point of exam!
Whenever you have time available for learning and improving - at THE IONM ACADEMY you can start immediately learning: at any point of time of the day, at any day of the week, holiday, weekend, during your night-shift, before surgical procedures, in your spare time, during vacation.
The on-line learningmodules are available for the duration of 3 months - with option to prolong!
Choose the place where you prefer to close your gaps of knowledge brining you closer to your goal!

No matter whether you learn in hospital, in your doctor's room, in the operating area, at home, in the garden, on journey, abroad.


 2) Maximize the easyness to schedule your training-steps thanks to THE IONM ACADEMY

Combine on-line and presence-learning-brixes! Thus, reduce your absences due to training-workshops, symposia, congresses!

Reduce your uncertainties, stress and bad conscious

  • at work in hospital, in your private practice
  • patient treatment,
  • at home with your partner, family, kids, pets
  • towards all that gives you power for your demanding challenges following your professional calling and striving for surgical excellence! 

Encrease the amount of time you can spend with your loved ones!


 3) Concentrated International Top-Expertise available on-line 

THE IONM ACADEMY 's experts are looking forward sharing their expertise with you and contributing to your striving for surgical excellence!


Your contribution for a positive ecological foot-print


By less travelling you also take care and protect nature and make contributions to a positiv ecological foot-print.

Invest in knowledge, save money for accommodation and travel-costs!

1% of our course fees are donated for environmentally regenerating projects and measures! 



Competence for Safety Safety for Excellence

Medical Teaching Centre

 The Medical Teaching Center of THE IONM ACADEMY supports the academy faculty members who present their knowledge in preparing their knowledge in a didactically high quality: 
from the compilation of content, conception and preparation to recordings and reviews using single and/or multiple choice questions.

Head o Medical Teaching Centre

 Gudrun Khünl-Brady-Ertl, MD, MSc.

Head of  MTC 
advanced postgraduate trainer, tutor, mentor, coach quality manager, expert in medical didactic


Gudrun Khünl-Brady-Ertl, MD, MSc. heads the Medical Teaching Center of THE IONM ACADEMY and is responsible for advising, accompanying and supervising the lecturing THE IONM ACADEMY  faculty members. Here, teachers receive professionally founded support from the conception of content to the preparation and on-line transfer of knowledge.


My vision includes innovative, medical teaching, lectures and advanced training courses that are on-line comprehensible, clear, professionally well-founded and based on the learning output as well.

Knowledge is shared and passed on in high quality by experts. They show their experience in the selected training-area. These experts usually enjoy teaching and learning.

I am looking forward to meeting all these requirements in THE IONM ACADEMY together with the teachers.

No matter if it is a face-to-face event or an on-line-learning opportunity - teaching is precious!"




Competence for Safety Safety for Excellence

Academic high-level methods applied to increase your learning-efficiacy

The learning objectives of the respective learning-modules of THE IONM ACADEMY  are prepared in such a way that they support as many degrees of freedom as possible for the teaching experts but also for the learning students: so the learning objectives are to be worked on well in selectable time sequences and then verified. 

What has been learned is screened at the end of each chapter, not at the end of the learning-module of THE IONM ACADEMY  . If 80% of the questions are answered correctly (single and multiple choice), the next chapter can be started.

This gives you the certainty that the content of THE IONM ACADEMY  that you have acquired has been mastered to an unusually high degree and that the next knowledge modules can be built up on it - step by step.


Relevant information about the tests

In order to ensure concentrated learning in the learning-modules of THE IONM ACADEMY and a high level of attention, a maximum of 3 attempts per day are possible at the end of the chapter for the final exams.

If this does not succeed, the test can be repeated again after a 24-hour break.

Immortally eternalized thanks to


The learning program was designed like a hero's journey through THE IONM ACADEMY  -Universe and includes a bonus learning system that positively supports the learning experience.

This means:

  • You not only collect knowledge shared by experts, you also collect up to 12 THE IONM ACADEMY  stars in module I.
  • These 12 THE IONM ACADEMY stars can be exchanged for gifts from THE IONM ACADEMY Shop in November 2021.

All who succeed in gaining all stars per learning-modules posible, because they pass all the test at the first time, you are invited to publish your name and picture on our website and contribute!

Additionally, you are awarded a present at the end of Expert-learning-module III of THE IONM ACADEMY which immortally eternalizes you!


You want the surgical team members to be eternalized immortally, too in THE IONM ACADEMY Universe.

You want to challenge your surgical competitors along the adventurous journey through  THE IONM ACADEMY Universum.

Then, please, share this learning-universe here ...!



Competence for Safety Safety for Excellence


Learning-brix of THE IONM ACADEMY

on-line and presence


- Module I,



Begin with IONM - Learningmodule I, Basics now!

You are a senior doctor with high demands and finished your specialisation or you are an ambitious and focussed junior doctor in training.

You want to acquire basic background-knowledge relevant for nerve-sparing surgical concepts and intraoperative neuromonitoring.

Gain knowledge and build up competence in order to extend your lead on your way striving for surgical excellence.
Valuable background-knowledge thanks to IONM - Learningmodule I, Basics
  • Interconnect the various disciplines essential for your background-knowledge and relevant for your comprehension of intraoperative neuromonitoring
  • Repetite basic knowledge already acquired during medical studies and practice
  • Transite and apply your basic knowledge in the surgical setting and situation

Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl

Physiologist, Nutricion Medicine Specialist, Scientist, Researcher,
academic Lector

Markus Hoffermann, MD

academic Lector

Lucia Ucsnik, MD, MAS, FECSM

Medical Doctor, Preventive Stress, Performance, Sexual Medicine, Surgeon in the way of training, Scientist and Researcher with Focus: Surgery & Sexual Medicine, academic Lector

DI (FH) Stefan Wüger, MSc.

Biomedical Technician
IONM - Coach und -Consultant

Gudrun Khünl-Brady-Ertl, MD, MSc.

Medical Doctor responsable for postgraduate training,

Trainer, Tutor, Mentor, Coach

Quality Manager, Expertin in Medical Didactics




Competence and safety of application thanks to IONM - Consulting 

for top-surgeons, only! 

You are a top-surgeon. You perform high-demand, complex surgical procedures in which nerval- or brain-structures could be hurt. As there is no team built yet to support you in terms of intraoperative neuromonitoring, you appreciate expert-support in order to be able to fully focus on the surgical procedure and work at high-level together in order to ensure best possible postoperative surgical outcome.
Thanks to biomedical-technical IONM - Consulting we ensure that you may fully focus and concentrate on the challenges of the anatomical situs, surgical operating field and support you with information and facts needed to adapt your intra-operative surgical strategy accordingly.

Let's safe and ensure impaired functionality

for your patients together!


Bio-medical, íntraoperative neurmonitoring-expertise

  • in 2001 in Austria he was one of the first in in the field of intra-operative neuromonitoring in theory and application
  • numerous specializations in Austria, Germany, USA
  • from 2010 on international professional engagement in the field of IONM
  • IONM - application specialist – more than 1.500 IONM - supported surgical procedures
  • Training of medical technicians and doctors
  • Location: Greater Europe (Europe, Africa, Middle East, former Soviet Union, South India





THE IONM - Coaching:
IONM-expert-feedback in your familiar operating theatre


Module I is positively passed and you acquired basic background-knowledge...

Knowledge is potential power. It becomes "super-power" when we utilize and apply it! But how are you going to apply best the knowledge acquired into surgical practice?

Take your chance and use the unique opportunity offered: accompanying theatre environment in your hospital in order

  • to optimize the procedures pre-, intra- and postoperatively
  • to exclude factors with negative impact on your surgical out-come
  • to gain security in applying the knowledge gained about intraoperative neuromonitoring
  • to be coached in applying intraoperative neuromonitoring in "simple", nerve- and brain-sparing surgical procedures

By this, you file step by step on each and every screw - all aspects and factors, procedures relevant for a best-possible surgical outcome post-operatively.

Thanks to the IONM - expert-feedback you gain security in application of intraoperative neuromonitoring and, by this, you get step by step closer to your big goal: surgical excellence with concrete, measurable, surgical out-comes.

Your patients will be happy & thankful for your achievements!


Bio-medical, íntraoperative neurmonitoring-expertise

  • in 2001 in Austria he was one of the first in in the field of intra-operative neuromonitoring in theory and application
  • numerous specializations in Austria, Germany, USA
  • from 2010 on international professional engagement in the field of IONM
  • IONM - application specialist – more than 1.500 IONM - supported surgical procedures
  • Training of medical technicians and doctors
  • Location: Greater Europe (Europe, Africa, Middle East, former Soviet Union, South India


- Module II, Advanced 



Setting up upon on-line IONM - Module I 

  • Understand relevant details and aspects of electrophysiological measurement methods!
  • Learn about the basics of the interconnection between anesthesiology and neurophysiology in order to prevent measuring and gaining false signal results! 
  • Get to know the required tools and instruments for signal-interpretation!
  • Learn about the relevance of physiological nerve-function as a feedback-tool for your surgical outcome!
  • Benefit from basic-checklists: preperare your surgical procedures in a standardized way to gain and increase safety provided by intraoperative neuromonitoring, -neurostimulation- and neuromapping and ensure surgical outcome!





- Module III,



Setting up upon on-line IONM - Learingmodule II 

  • Select your expert-Modules depending on your surgical discipline and surgical fields:
    • brain, brain-stem, column, peripheral nerve, neuro-surgery
    • thyroid gland, brain-nerves and throat, endocrine surgery and ear-throat-nose-field
    • thoracic and abdominal aorta, vascular structures in the pelvic area, aortic and vascular surgery
    • columna vertebra, pelvis, orthopedics, traumatology, hand surgery
    • Plexus pelvicus, colorectal surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, urology
  • Transite and apply intra-operativem neuromonitoring, neurostimulation und neuromapping in the various surgical fields!
  • Learn how to interpret the electrophysiological signals measured in the various surgical fields in the body!
  • Get to know the deducted sugical concepts and decicions resulting from the intra-operative neuromonitoring signals in the various surgical fields of the body!
  • Benefit from the SOP-checklists for the surgical fields while preparing for and applying intra-operative neuromonitoring supported surgical procedures from head to toe in order to reduce intra- and postoperative complications!


- Clinical Pearl



Become one of our unique Clinical Pearls 


  • You passed the learning-program of THE IONM ACADEMY .
  • You apply intraoperative neuromonitoring, neuromapping or neurostimulation.
  • You want to share your expertise with the network of THE IONM ACADEMY and the faculty-members but also international graduates!

Feel warmly welcome! Let's grow together and stay connected!
We are pleased to support you processing your content with the expertise and support of the Medical Teaching Centre!

Please, get in contact with us via contact(at)ionm.academy!


(C) 2021 . All rights reserved.

Faculty Members, accompaning you along the way striving for surgical excellence, 

willing to share their expertise with you and support you!